With Craigslist’s casual encounters section officially shut down forever, singles in Indianapolis are looking for an alternative. We’ve tried and tested dozens of options and are happy to present you with 3 excellent choices that are not only as good, but even better at hooking up singles in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Indianapolis Casual Encounters Guide

Indianapolis is an impressive city. Home to over 850,000 people and with a rich history that spans nearly 200 years, it boasts a culture and a lifestyle that is warm, friendly and in nearly every aspect — pleasant. The ever-present pleasantness of Indianapolis might make people perceive it to be mild-mannered. There is definitely no denying that those of us living in Indianapolis are very kind and friendly, but that should never be confused for plain or boring.

The singles scene in Indianapolis is a great example of this. The single residents of the city of Indianapolis enjoy a very vibrant and enthusiastic casual encounter lifestyle. To be honest, as with any casual encounter scene, hooking up in Indianapolis also includes those who may already be “attached” but who wish to dabble in non-monogamy. Swingers and polyamorists also make up a portion of the scene. In short, Indianapolis is a very open-minded city — one which can rightfully claim to be among the top 100 cities for casual encounters in the United States.

— What Drives the Casual Encounter Scene in Indianapolis? —

Obviously, the need and desire to meet like-minded adults for casual adult fun is what drives the casual scene in Indy just as it does anywhere else in the world. Our question, however, was not intended to serve merely as a rhetorical interlude. Instead, our intention is to open your eyes into the mindset of those of us who seek casual encounters here in Indy.

1- Openness

Being the capital and largest city of the state of Indiana, Indianapolis provides a buzz and energy that creates an atmosphere conducive to fun and engagement. Spring, summer, fall and winter, there is always a vibe present that makes people want to go out and have fun. Some people might classify this as an “openness” for casual encounters.

2- Few Hangups

Residents of large cities frequently have many hangups. These usually develop due to living in concentrated city environments and all that it implies — the lack of fresh air and green areas, traffic — you know the drill. In Indianapolis, those sort of hangups are not present — at least not in numbers found in other cities of similar, or even, smaller size than Indy. We are more open, happier, and more willing to interact with others.

3- Sensibility Without Beng Prudish

In Indianapolis — in all of Marion County for that matter — we consider ourselves to be very open-minded, progressive and accepting of different lifestyles. Even though our demographics are not as diverse as those of other cities, our way of thinking is.

As open-minded as we are in Indianapolis, we also enjoy the fact that we do not apply an “in your face” sort of attitude. Singles and those seeking casual encounters definitely enjoy the wild side, however, they prefer to meet in discreet ways — no matter how mild or how wild of an encounter they are seeking.

— The Fuel for Indianapolis Casual Encounters —

Understanding the three components that make up the Indianapolis mindset regarding casual encounters should make tapping into the fuel required for successful hookups much easier. The secret fuel happens to involve hookup sites.

This may bring up many questions. Why hookup sites? Are they the same as dating sites? Why not singles bars?

Some people mistakenly clump hookup sites with dating sites. While a dating site may accommodate both long-term and casual relationships, a hookup site will focus strictly on the short-term. In other words, the hookup — the casual encounter.

This is why in Indianapolis, those who are seeking to hook up rely on these types of sites. By joining hookup sites, those who are not ready or not interested in long-term romance can still make use of powerful online tools to meet like-minded adults.

As longtime residents of Indianapolis are aware, in recent years, bars and nightclubs that once focused exclusively on the singles scene have either closed or transformed into other types of establishments. Today, there are still plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to have a good time, but few can be classified as traditional singles bars. This is why online hookup sites are your best bet to meet people for casual encounters in Indianapolis.

Mind you, the fact that dedicated single bars have declined in the area should not be taken as a sign that the people of Indy are any less interested in hooking up. To the contrary, it is a direct sign that people are more eager to do so. This counterintuitive conclusion will only make sense if you take into account the three elements of the casual encounter mindset that we described above. Once you view things through that lens, it all makes sense. Singles bars in Indianapolis declined not due to lack of interest, they did so because local residents found a faster, more efficient, and much more discreet method to hook up. In other words, singles bars became obsolete. Much as many brick and mortar stores shut down as more people purchased items online, in Indy, more people starting going online to find casual encounters. So many did, in fact, that now it has become the default method for singles to meet.

— Will Any Hookup Site Do? —

The fact that hookup sites have become the preferred method for open-minded adults in Indianapolis to meet does not mean that any old site will do. Over the years, distinct site preferences have formed locally. By relying on the sites that have developed a constant following, you can increase your chances of having the best casual encounter experience in Indianapolis.

“What are these sites?” you may ask. Here are the top three.

1- AdultFriendFinder (AFF)

AdultFriendFinder, also known by its initials AFF, is a hookup site that has been in existence since 1996. It is considered by the online dating industry to be both a pioneer and a consistent innovator in online dating platforms.

Ever since it first went online, AFF has had a loyal following among the open-minded people of Indianapolis. Year-over-year, not only is AdultFriendFinder able to maintain a steady and loyal user base in Indianapolis, but it has also been able to sustain a consistent level of growth for the past 15 consecutive years in this market.

When you consider the fact that the online dating industry — especially when it comes to hookup sites — is one of the most competitive businesses on the internet, the fact that AdultFriendFinder has been able to achieve a loyal and consistently growing following in Indianapolis speaks volumes. Through their memberships in AdultFriendFinder, the people of Indianapolis have clearly spoken that it is a very powerful and effective platform for meeting others in Indianapolis for casual encounters.

In terms of usability — what people used to refer to as “user-friendliness” back in the early days of the internet — AFF ranks highly. Its platform is regarded as being neutral. By this, we mean that the design of its user interface allows for a powerful set of features to be easily accessed by its users without overwhelming them. No matter what your level of comfort is regarding the use of tech and the internet, the AFF user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use.

One of the favorite features found on AdultFriendFinder is its robust search engine. Online dating experts frequently laud AdultFriendFinder for having one of the best search and people discovery features in the industry.

If you have any experience on other online dating or hookup sites, you would be familiar with the basics of how a search engine functions on a dating platform. If you were to take that image that you have in your head of a dating platform’s search function and you were to amplify its scope, speed, and performance while simultaneously making it simpler and more intuitive to use, you would have an idea of what the AFF search engine is like.

You see, the AFF search function is designed specifically to facilitate the search process for its users while also increasing the level of precision that users can expect from each search. This means that you can rely on the AdultFriendFinder search engine to do most of the vetting for you when it comes to finding a compatible partner.

Of the many filters that you can apply to an AFF search, some of the most popular are location, gender, age, sexual orientation, sexual likes and kinks, and those related to specific physical attributes and ethnicity.

By being able to conduct such highly detailed searches, AFF is able to provide their members with suggested matches that are many times more likely to end up in a real-world casual encounter than those offered by other sites. In a poll that was conducted in late 2016 covering Indianapolis, the whole of Marion County, and parts of Boone and Brown counties, 75 percent of those who identified themselves as active users of online hookup sites rated the AFF search engine as being their favorites.

Of course, in order to be a popular and successful hookup site, having more than just one standout feature is necessary. In the case of AFF, the site also offers wonderful secondary features such as user-created forums and chat rooms. These allow people to have an alternative way to discover potential partners. It also creates an online environment that encourages people to remain active on the platform even when they may not be actively seeking a casual encounter on a given day or week.

The best way to look at AFF is as a platform that allows you one of the best mechanisms for both actively and passively seeking casual encounters in Indianapolis. The search feature is the best in the business for active searches —you know, for those nights when you want action the same night. The forums and chat rooms are great for “cyber-cruising” — a way of keeping your radar engaged in case an excellent hookup opportunity comes along unexpectedly.

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2- Instabang

The younger people of Indianapolis, those in the 18-35 age range, rely on the site known as Instabang as their primary platform for casual encounters. This site has a search feature that comes very close to the level of robustness offered by AFF. This means that you can obtain search results that are comprised of suggested matches that are highly compatible with what you are looking for in a casual partner. The search engine may not offer the same level of filtering as that of AFF, but it is able to come quite close. It offers a sufficient level of customization which includes location, age range, etc.

In addition to a solid search feature, Instabang also has an excellent set of communication features. The darling of this group is the video chat function. This allows you to chat face to face even though you may be located downtown and the other member is in Meridian Hills. You can see how that can be very convenient if you want to save time and money. By video chatting you can get a better sense of what the person is like, their personality, what they really look like, and how truly eager they are for a casual encounter. It is much more efficient in terms of time and money to vet a potential partner this way than driving miles to see them and then spending money on drinks only to discover that the chemistry just isn’t there.

By relying on the video chat function both users involved in a conversation can determine if the chemistry is present or not. If not, they just move on to another potential partner on their list. Instabang makes it possible to vet multiple potential partners in a single day. Talk about efficiency, right?

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3- Ashley Madison

You may be familiar with Ashley Madison as the “cheating” website. Yes, Ashley Madison is a site for those interested in non-monogamous encounters, but it is neither cheesy nor sleazy. It is one of the most secure hookup sites in the industry and it has received high marks for the level of privacy and security that they offer to their users.

In Indianapolis, Ashley Madison first gained significant popularity soon after it launched in 2002. Through 2014, its membership rolls in Marion County and the surrounding area reached over 50,000 members. In 2015, following an unfortunate hacking incident, many active members idled or canceled their membership. As of 2016, however, once Ashley Madison implemented the latest in security and privacy technology, the site has seen a huge resurgence in the area. It has once again become one of the top hookup sites in the greater Indianapolis area.

Not only does Ashley Madison offer the people of Indy the best security possible, but it is also the most efficient and effective for those seeking no-strings-attached non-monogamous flings. It facilitates the encounter between two like-minded adults wishing to enjoy carnal pleasures outside of their existing relationships. The gender ratio of the membership base in Indianapolis is a very healthy 1.7 males for every female. Anything below ten to one is considered very good, this means that Ashley Madison’s gender ratio can fairly be classified as excellent.

In Indianapolis, we prefer to deal with companies that are upfront about their potential and that do not resort to cheap marketing ploys to get our business. Ashley Madison has managed to earn a loyal following here not only because of its strong security and great service but also due to its honesty and fairness. Unlike other hookup sites which offer free memberships to women as a gimmick to draw people into the service and artificially inflate their membership figures, Ashley Madison does so for more prudent reasons. Women do get full membership for free on the site, but they must go through a registration process which allows the site to establish that they are genuine. In other words, you will not find fake female profiles on Ashley Madison. This helps to create a membership base that is solid, genuine, and active.

Men have the option of paying as they go on the site. This also adds to the genuineness of the platform as men can pay and appear on the site only when they are ready to have an encounter. By properly pre-vetting women before they join, offering men a rate schedule based on actual usage, and continuous monitoring of the platform to filter out those who may be trying to game the system, Ashley Madison provides a very solid hookup platform. If you are seeking non-monogamous fun, Ashley Madison is an excellent platform for the men and women of Indianapolis.

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— Making a Casual Encounter a Reality in Indianapolis —

Once you have met someone online, chatted with them, and determined that the potential for sexual chemistry is high, the next step is meeting face to face. This requires you to be conscious of common sense safety and security rules that govern all hookups.

1- Spend a bit of time chatting with the person you plan on meeting. Start by using the communication features offered by the site you are using but transcend to a more direct method — such as a cell or other phone number — soon thereafter. This allows you to establish that the person is not just hiding behind an online profile. Take advantage of any video chat feature offered by the platform or use Facetime or Skype on your own phone to make sure that the person you meet is, in fact, the person you chatted with online.

2- When meeting for the first time, do so in a public place. You will find a list of suggested places to meet someone for a casual encounter further down in this article.

3- Have a discreet and safe location ready for the encounter. There is nothing worse than meeting someone who is eager to get down to business only to have the “magic” fade away because none of you had a discreet location readily available. Depending on the individual situation, sometimes your place or their place might work. Other times, a more neutral location is best. Fortunately, there are both luxurious and economical hotel options throughout Indianapolis. We have also provided a few suggested locations below.

— Places to Meet Your Casual Encounter in Indianapolis —

The Libertine Liquor Bar

Located on Massachusetts Avenue, The Libertine Liquor Bar is a wonderful place to meet your potential casual encounter. It is upscale yet not ostentatious. It provides an excellent atmosphere to chat while you have a few drinks. If you are feeling peckish, The Libertine Liquor Bar also offers a delicious selection of appetizers that you can both enjoy as you get to know each other better.

Visit The Libertine Liquor Bar

The Sinking Ship

If you prefer more down to earth places, The Sinking Ship located on College Avenue is a wonderful spot. The Sinking Ship has an atmosphere that is informal and fun. It’s the perfect place to have a few drinks or share a meal. It provides the perfect backdrop to serve as the place to meet up with your hookup.

Visit The Sinking Ship

Alexander’s Mixology Lounge

Located on S. Delaware Street in downtown Indianapolis, Alexander’s Mixology Lounge is located in the lobby of The Alexander Hotel. It has a sleek modern style while also having a unique charm that makes it perfect for first-time meetups. The surroundings create discretion within a public space — perfect for casual encounters. The fact that it is located inside the Alexander Hotel is also very convenient if you want to have a place that is literally walking distance (or elevator distance) to a comfortable and private room to turn the moment into a real and memorable encounter.

Visit Alexander’s Mixology Lounge

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Sometimes you will meet someone online who is not interested in too many “formalities” before moving on to the next “step.” For those circumstances, meeting somewhere in the open will do the trick. In Indianapolis, there is no better place for this than the Soldiers and Sailors monument located at the intersection of Market and Merdian streets. After all, this spot is so iconic that everybody knows where it is — everyone can find it. At the same time, it is also public enough to “get lost” among the crowd when high levels of discretion are required — hear that all of you non-monogamous adventurers out there? Definitely open and airy, it is a good spot to meet and then move on to a more “appropriate” location.

Visit Soldiers and Sailors Monument

— A Few Ideas Regarding Hotels in Indianapolis for Casual Encounters —

Due to Indianapolis being a popular business and tourist destination, along with the presence of our Speedway, Lucas Oil Stadium, and the Indiana Convention Center, you now that hotel rooms are abundant in our city. Chances are that you already have a few favorite places of your own to take your casual encounters. Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions for when you need a change of scenery.

Conrad Indianapolis (Luxury)

Located on W. Washington Street, The Conrad Indianapolis epitomizes luxury in our city. If you are hooking up with someone who expects the best, this hotel should be on your list. Within it, you can find everything you need for a discreet casual encounter — large public lobby, bars, restaurants, and very elegantly finished and comfortable rooms.

Visit Conrad Indianapolis (Luxury)

The Westin Indianapolis (Luxury)

Also located on W. Washington Street, The Westin offers another luxury option for when you want to impress your partner with more than just your sexual prowess. The Westin offers world-class amenities making having your casual encounter there a truly memorable experience.

Visit Westin Indianapolis (Luxury)

The Alexander Hotel (Luxury)

Having already mentioned Alexander’s Mixology Lounge as a good place to meet your potential partner, we would be remiss not to include the Alexander Hotel in our list of recommended luxury hotels. It is an excellent luxury option when you prefer something cozier than The Westin or The Conrad.

Visit The Alexander Hotel

Waterfront Hotel (Mid-Level)

Hey, we’re all not Rockefellers. Some of us need to stay within a budget — even when casual encounters are involved. The Waterfront Hotel located on
Waterfront Parkway West is a nice little place that is easy to access and that provides you with the basics that you need for a pleasant casual encounter experience. Safe, clean, and affordable — you should always keep it in mind.

Visit The Waterfront Hotel

Wyndham Indianapolis West (Mid-Level)

If you need a place outside of the city center, the Wyndham Indianapolis West is perfect. It is sufficiently out of the way to provide “geographic discretion,” while also being close enough to be easily accessed from any point in the city. The Wyndham Indianapolis West provides a nice corporate hotel veneer to any casual encounter.

Visit the Wyndham Indianapolis West

Motel 6 (Economy)

Indianapolis is served by six Motel 6 locations. These are conveniently distributed in a near perfectly circular pattern around the city. You can find one in the north side, one by Fishers, another by the airport and others near Beech Grove and University Heights. This means that no matter where you meet up with your casual encounter, a Motel 6 is nearby to provide you with the privacy that you need.

In terms of overall style and look, we found the Motel 6 Southport to be the best of the bunch. The rooms look slick and are still within the economical price range that you have come to expect from Motel 6.

Visit Motel 6

Red Roof Inns (Economy)

The two Red Roof Inns in the Indianapolis area are also great places to have your casual encounter without busting your piggy bank. One is located by the airport and it offers the perfect screen for when you and your partner want to arrive separately so as to avoid public detection or being seen together. That is an advantage that comes with any hotel located near an airport.

The other Red Roof Inn is located in the southern section of the city. It makes it a convenient place to have a casual encounter when you are meeting someone from Franklin Township, West Indianapolis or even New Whiteland or Smith Valley.

Visit Red Roof Inn


Never discard the possibility of using Airbnb to find a nice place to have a casual encounter in Indianapolis. There are always a large number of listings for nice places in varying price ranges throughout Indianapolis and Marion County. When it comes to privacy, a place rented through Airbnb is going to offer a tremendous amount of it compared to a hotel. Of course, it will also require more lead time to allow for booking and for you to be given access to the property. We doubt that you would want to do all of that with your casual encounter in tow. This means that the Airbnb option would work best when a repeat casual encounter is involved.

For situations that are more spontaneous in nature, or for those instances when you are not sure if your casual encounter is going to end up in the bedroom, using one of the hotel or motel options would be your best bet.

Visit Airbnb

— Final Word on Indianapolis Casual Encounters —

By living in Indianapolis, you are already fortunate to be surrounded by a great number of wonderful and alluring people. If you are at a stage in your life when casual encounters are something that you wish to experience, you should freely explore all of your options.

In Indianapolis, there are many people who, like you, are seeking no-strings-attached fun. Always remember that in Indy we have a fun and eager wild side just as the residents of other large cities do. Just because we may not be so brazen about it publicly doesn’t mean it’s not there. So, go ahead, dare to be bold! Use the information that we provided above so you can jumpstart or improve your current casual encounter game. Trust us, there is nothing worse than wasting your time being alone when there are plenty of eager and like-minded fellow Indianapolis residents all around you. Use one of the hookup sites we mentioned and start meeting them today.